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Our business success checklist covers off key areas of starting and running a successful business. You can use this checklist as a guide, a map for starting out, an audit of your existing business practices, and let it build from there. 

Review your business: 

  • Structure
  • Staff & Superannuation
  • Insurances and Registrations
  • Business Planning
  • Strategies to grow 

Make more out of your business

Our business success checklist covers key areas of starting and growing a business. Whether you're just starting out, or have been on the journey for a while, you'll find plenty of information to bring confidence you are on the right track: 



Do you understand your business structure and tax obligations? Are you in the best structure for tax purposes?



Are you aware of the payment obligations and due dates? Are you meeting STP Phase 2 Requirements?



Have you reviewed and obtained all necessary cover for your  business and personal life?


ATO Registrations

Do you need to register for GST or PAYG Withholding?


Income Tax

Are you setting aside enough funds to meet tax liabilities?



Do you have a business plan and forecast to allow for ease of capital financing?


Record Keeping

Do you have all the correct systems and processes in place? Are you using cloud bookkeeping and payroll?


Employees Vs Contractors

Are you aware of the different agreements and requirements for employees versus contractors?

Boost your business at no extra cost. 

Got a minute to give your finances a quick boost? At Trekk Advisory, we're all about those 'aha!' moments that turn financial chores into something to cheer about.

Let's get real – sometimes you're just too close to the puzzle to see where the pieces fit. That's why we offer a free look-see into your books. Fresh eyes might just find the little tweaks that can nudge up your profits, streamline your cash flow, or dial down those tax bills.

Unsure about how your business setup meshes with your super fund plans? Still untangling last year's finances? Chasing those ever-elusive business goals? We're here to help iron out those creases.

Best case, we find nuggets of financial gold. Worst case, you get a thumbs up that you're on the right track. So, either way, you're walking away with a win!

Keen for a quick chat about giving your business that extra oomph? Just drop your deets on the form. 

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“Trekk Advisory turned from my tax accountant to my go-to growth partner. Now, solving any business issues is as easy as making a phone call to Trekk.”

Tas Moulis of Q Paint is Trekk Advisorys trusted client

Tas Moulis

Owner, QPaint.

Growing businesses, garnering stars

Feel the power of partnership and the resulting triumphs that inspire our clients to rate Trekk Advisory with resounding 5 stars

  • rating star image

    "Trekk Advisory turned from my tax accountant to my go-to growth partner. Now, solving my business issues is as easy as making a call to Trekk."

    Tas Moulis of Q Paint is Trekk Advisorys trusted client

    Tas Moulis

    QPaint, Brisbane.
  • rating star image

    "Thought our business was challenge-free until Trekk Advisory opened our eyes. They highlighted unseen opportunities in our numbers. We've been on an upward trajectory ever since!"

    Narelle Crockett of MC Scaffolds trusted Trekk Advisory in growing her business.

    Narelle Crockett

    MC Scaffolds, Mt Isa.
  • rating star image

    "Trekk, recommended years ago, has been indispensable for our growth. Their brilliance and client-centric approach enhanced our business acumen and work-life balance considerably."

    Ashley Haywood choose Trekk Advisory to help her grow her business.

    Ashley Haywood

    Writer, Alstonville.
  • rating star image

    "Tony and the team at Trekk are an essential part of our business for over 10 years. We constantly challenge the team to demonstrate value and they consistently deliver."


    Symon Jackson

    Red Earth Engineering, Brisbane.
  • rating star image

    "We've partnered with Trekk Advisory for a few years now and really value the personal attention and responsiveness we receive. They genuinely regard your business as if it was their own. Highly recommend.

    Steve Bridger of Saltair Modular had been partnered with Trekk Advisory for few years until now.

    Steve Bridger

    Saltair Modular, Brisbane.
  • rating star image

    "Trekk's unmatched advisory and accounting expertise over the last ten years has driven our consistent business growth. They've provided exceptional aid even in the face of pandemic challenges. Absolutely top-tier."


    Rich Hadfield

    Focussed LM, Brisbane.

    Make a path that's all your own.  

    Business might be short lived. Maybe it’s a lifelong thing. You may be just starting out or selling out. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter to us where you are on the path because we have the questions, strategy and tools to help you at any stage.

    And as your business shifts, so does our advice. That might be helping you unclog the cashflow pipe, maybe it’s super-sizing profits or finding ways to make your business more valuable for an exit down the track.

    Either way, run your own race. 


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