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Advisory-led accounting is all about looking forward, not backward.



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Do you think you are paying too much tax? Are you still waiting on last year's financials to be completed? Do you have business goals that are not being reached?

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The sky's the limit

Every business is different, and you can be stuck in many different areas. It's our goal to do whatever it takes to move you from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

Seeking and identifying the opportunities for growth is what brings out the passion in us and our clients, and we can't wait to help you evolve and grow.

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Stop the headspin. Make the right calls.


The average business owner has a massive number of decisions to make. What to do next, where to focus and "knowing for sure" that you're doing the right thing can be a bit of a head spin. That's where we come in. We fill our days aiding people to make good calls about business, being in your corner and helping you focus on the things that matter. 

From cash flow strategies, business restructuring, benchmarking and business valuations - We're here to build and grow your business and profit together.

Helping with:

  • Tailored advice for your business
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Cash flow management
  • Virtual CFO
  • Growth strategy
  • Business forecasting
  • Ongoing advisory meetings
  • Business valuations

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What our clients say about our business advisory services


"We didn't think there were any 'challenges' or 'problems' as a business, but after meeting with Trekk Advisory, we walked away with a different perspective. They highlighted things in the numbers & showed us visually the opportunities out there.

Since then, we haven't looked back! The ability to have an independant party invested in our business and there to help forward plan has been invaluable. The off the cuff advice has been great too - having the ability to call up and run a scenario past our advisor is critical to how we run our business."

Narelle Crockett
MC Scaffolds


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Really knowing where you are now, and exactly where you want to be is crucial to getting there. 


Business might be  short lived. Maybe  it’s a lifelong thing. You may be  just starting  out or selling out. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter to us where  you are on the  path  because we have the questions, strategy and tools  to help  you at any stage.

And as your business shifts, so does our advice. That might be  helping  you unclog the  cashflow pipe, maybe it’s super-sizing profits  or finding ways to make your business more  valuable  for an exit down  the track.

Either way, run your own race. 

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Things change along the way - you need someone who can work with you at each different stage of the business.


Systems review

Is your accounting system efficient, time saving, easy to use and providing you with what you need to make key business decisions on the go?


Structure review

Is your structure right for your circumstances? Does it provide good asset protection? Does it minimise your tax payable?


Tax Planning

Do you know how much tax you will need to pay at EOY? Are you implementing all possible strategies to reduce it?


Insurance / Risk Management

Do you, your family, and your business have the right balance of risk protection? Don't let one unfortunate event spell disaster.


Business Health Assessment

This will take you through a series of questions about your business to get you thinking and flush out the main concerns/unearth your biggest priorities


Growth equation

What are the key drivers of your revenue? What little steps can you take to dramatically boost this?


Cashflow improvement

How can you decrease the time in between paying out for stock/labor and getting cash back through the door?


Profit improvement

What is your business investment returning for you each year? Is there sufficient profit (if this is a NO - this service is a must)


Critical number monitoring

Would you like to be presented with graphs and analysis of your critical numbers each month, alongside strategy and goal setting to hit these targets each month/ quarter?


Projections, Forecasts, Budgets

Do you know what level of turnover you need each month to cover anticipated expenses? Do you know how your business is performing compared to last year? Would you like to know?


Succession Planning

Will you sell your business down the track? Or will your children take over? What strategies need to be implemented to ensure a smooth succession and maximise your outcome?


Planning sessions

Where are you headed? What should your key priorities be for the next 12 months? How about a focused session to brainstorm and plot the future direction of your business?

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What our clients say about our business advisory services


I was originally only looking for an accountant to complete compliance work, all the while using business coaches to try and grow. But Trekk's advisory services have been indispensable.

Real-time data, numbers-based business advice, and regular zoom calls are a potent combo.

The numbers don't lie, so now if a business problem comes up, it's just a phone call to Trekk.

Tas Moulis


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Gain peace of mind with a free review.


Do you think you are paying too much tax? Are you still waiting on last year's financials to be completed? Do you have business goals that are not being reached? Let us help you with a free, no obligation review.

If you want to increase profits, improve cashflow, save on tax and get back on track, this is the best first step you can take.

Once you submit an enquiry, you will:

  • Get a business review from one of our qualifed, experienced business advisor;
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  • If we find nothing, you'll get peace of mind that you're doing the right thing;
  • And once we're all done, you don't need to pull out your wallet - It's completely free!