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Maximise Business Value

When your getting ready to sell a house, you’ll most likely spruce it up first – A bit of fresh paint, doing the gardens, last minute reno’s – and preparing your business is no different. We put ourselves in the shoes of a potential buyer to determine what might prevent a sale, what could be reducing the value and any risks that exist.

We put our ‘business value’ hats on and dive deep into what drives business value and how we can improve this to gain a higher multiple and better exit outcome for you.

Business Valuations

Make your business attractive to potential buyes

Other reasons for business valuations

It's more than just selling

The Value Gap

What your business is worth now VS where it needs to be

Free Business Valuation Survey

Learn about factors that influence your business value

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Completing an independent business valuation

Independent business valuations are not only there to set realistic expectations when selling your business, but can (and should!) be used well ahead of time grow your business and build it's value over a long term period - So when the time does come to sell, your business is worth so much more than if not. 

Sure, you may have a rough idea of what your business could be worth - But this is not going to be entirely accurate. At the end of the day, though, your business is only going to be worth what another is willing to pay for it. That's why our business valuations services are focused on how to make your business as attractive as possible to potential buyers. 

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Independent business valuations can also be used to:


Obtain finance

Help to gain finance from the banks or alternative investements


Buy & Sell

Simplify buy-sell situations and funding of the agreement


Family law matters

Assist in arising family law matters such as relationship breakdowns


Spot weaknesses

Identify any reduction in business value or the need to restructure


Identify opportunity

Find areas of the business that are under performing


Benchmark success

Measure the growth and performance of your business


Resolve disputes

Settle shareholder or partnership disagreements or buyouts


Negotiate terms

Evaluate offers, negotiate a strategic sale, or plan an exit strategy


Determine value

Assign a value to goodwill or other intangible assets

Value gap risk

A value gap is the difference between what your business is worth today and what you need it to be worth to achieve financial independence.

 8 in 10 SMEs don’t know nor are they aware they have a value gap risk!

We offer a range of business valuation services to determine the true value of your business and pinpoint areas for value improvement.

  • Industry Valuation Benchmarks
  • Business Advisory Valuations
  • Value Improvement Solutions
  • Formal Business Valuations

Download our Business Valuation flyer.

Complete our Business Valuation Survey below to learn more about factors that influence your business valuation scorecard

Completing the survey will give you a personalised Scorecard including an Industry Benchmarking Value Analysis.

Business Valuation Survey