10 ways to lower your tax bill 


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In the world of business and profits, tax is an unavoidable reality. But could you be paying more than required?

In our free eBook, we dive into an array of tax minimisation strategies that could bolster your bottom line before the end of the financial year. Visualize the possibilities with your tax savings:

  • Make a substantial dent in your home loan
  • Augment your Superannuation fund
  • Set aside funds for a well-deserved holiday
  • Secure a deposit for an investment property
  • Contribute towards your children’s education
  • Upgrade your vehicle for a smoother ride
Navigate unnecessary taxes and invest in your aspirations. Download the eBook now to equip yourself with innovative and supportive advice. Your future self will be grateful!

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Take these tax minimisation strategies to the next level 


Got some ideas to minimise those pesky taxes, but feeling a little lost navigating the tax labyrinth? We get you. Having a basic plan is a great start, but developing a well-designed tax strategy is a complex challenge. This is where the tax advisors at Trekk Advisory can help.

Partner with us before the end of financial year (EOFY) rolls around, and you'll walk away, head held high, absolutely brimming with confidence that you've tackled your year-end obligations like a boss. Plus, we'll make sure you won't pay a single cent in tax more than you should. Sweet deal, right? Here's what you can anticipate during a tax planning consultation with us:

Custom-tailored strategies - We tailor strategies specific to your business structure, aimed at reducing your tax burden and ensuring you only pay what's necessary.

Advanced Tax Liability Estimates - Knowledge is power in business. Imagine the relief and control you'd feel knowing your tax liabilities almost a year in advance. This foresight is crucial in effective cash flow planning.

Stay Ahead of the Game - We'll keep you up-to-speed on any changes coming down the pipeline in the federal budget that could affect your business. Because, guess what – knowledge is power!

Strategic Conversation - Our advisors will analyse key parameters like your turnover, gross profit, net profit, and any conditions influenced by our economy and government (even lasting impacts of COVID-19), for a truly customised tax plan. And then, we'll ask the most important question – How can we prime for success next year?

Elevate your tax strategy - We're at your service. 

By downloading our eBook you've already got your core strategies down, and you're poised to save on taxes this year. But to truly maximize savings and plan that perfect route through the tax maze, you need some expert guidance. And that, friend, is exactly where we come in!

If you're curious about how a tax planning service can make a real difference for your business, pop your details into the form here. Let's get this ball rolling - because doing business should be less about tax stress and more about celebrating successes!

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“Trekk Advisory turned from my tax accountant to my go-to growth partner. Now, solving any business issues is as easy as making a phone call to Trekk.”

Tas Moulis of Q Paint is Trekk Advisorys trusted client

Tas Moulis

Owner, QPaint.

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