Gavin Weller of Trekk Advisory Brisbane checks his emails on 2022-23 Budget 2.0 for government, regulators and others.
October 26, 2022 By Gavin Weller

2022-23 Budget 2.0 – Government, regulators & other


With seven months before the 2023-24 Budget released in May 2023, this Budget is a shuffling of the deck not a new set of cards. And to continue the pun, we need to play the hand we have been dealt, buffeted by externalities – war, floods, and global uncertainty.

There is nothing in this Budget that would create a UK style crisis. The stage 3 tax cuts legislated to commence on 1 July 2024 are not mentioned, and most funding initiatives appear to be a reallocation of previous Government initiatives. And, the commodity driven $54.4 billion improvement in tax receipts has largely been banked, not spent.

We've summarised the key points of the 2022-23 Budget 2.0 in a few different blogs, check them out here:

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ATO targets in sharp focus

Personal income tax deductions and incorrect reporting

The ATO will receive an additional $80.3 to crackdown on non-compliance including:

  • Overclaiming deductions; and
  • Incorrect reporting of income

The spend is expected to increase tax receipts by $674.4m and payment by $80.3m over 4 years.

Cash payments and tax evasion by business

The ‘shadow economy’, cash-in-hand payments including underpayment of wages, visa fraud, and other nefarious activity that deprives the economy of the income from tax receipts, will come under scrutiny with the extension of the ATO’s Shadow Economy Program for a further 3 years from 1 July 2023. Over this period, the program is estimated to increase tax receipts by $2.1bn and payments by $685.2m over the 4 years from 2022-23.

Multinational business and the Tax Avoidance Taskforce

The ATO’s Tax Avoidance Taskforce will receive an additional $200m over 4 years from 1 July 2022 primarily to pursue multinational enterprises and large public and private businesses. This taskforce is expected to deliver a whopping $2.8bn in additional tax receipts and $1.1bn in payments over the 4 year period.

$3.6bn cut from external labour, advertising, travel and legal expenses

The Government has committed to saving $3.6bn by cutting what it spends on external labour, advertising, travel and legal expenses.

Working with our Pacific Neighbours

Australia’s relationship in the Pacific has come into sharp focus of late. The Budget implements a series of initiatives to support development and labour mobility in the region:

  • Additional infrastructure investment of $500m over 10 years in the Pacific and Timor-Leste will be provided through the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific including an additional $50m for the establishment of a Pacific Climate Infrastructure Financing Partnership Facility.
  • As previously announced, the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme will be expanded to improve the benefits of the program for employers and workers including:
    • underwriting employers’ investment in upfront travel costs for seasonal workers by covering costs that cannot be recouped from workers
    • improvements to workplace standards for PALM visa holders, including increased workplace compliance activities
    • allowing primary visa holders on long-term placements to bring partners and children to Australia, where sponsored by employers, with additional social support including providing relevant minimum family assistance payments, with an initial rollout of 200 families
    • the expansion of the existing aged care skills pilot programs for aged care workers.
  • A new Pacific Engagement Visa for nationals of Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste. Up to 3,000 additional places will be made available in addition to those provided through the existing permanent Migration Program.

Electric vehicle and hydrogen refuelling

As part of its Driving the Nation Fund, the Government will commit:

  • $146.1m over 5 years from 2023-24 for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to co-invest in projects to reduce emissions from Australia’s road transport sector
  • $89.5m over 6 years from 2022-23 for the Hydrogen Highways initiative to fund the creation of hydrogen refuelling stations on Australia’s busiest freight routes, in partnership with states and territories, including $5.5m to LINE Hydrogen Pty Ltd for its George Town green hydrogen heavy transport project
  • $39.8m over 5 years from 2022-23 to establish a National Electric Vehicle Charging Network to deliver 117 fast charging stations on highways across Australia, in partnership with the NRMA.

Broadband & mobile improvements for regional Australia

Almost $758m will be spent improving mobile and broadband connectivity in rural and regional Australia.

Foreign investment review board fees increase

The Government has increased foreign investment fees and will increase financial penalties for breaches that relate to residential land. Fees doubled on 29 July 2022 for all applications made under the foreign investment framework. The maximum financial penalties that can be applied for breaches in relation to residential land will also double on 1 January 2023.

Community sector organisations funding boost

An additional $560m over 4 years will be provided to community sector organisations ($140m pa). 46% of the funding will come from the Department of Social Services and around 34% to the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

Extension of Tariffs on Russian goods

The Government has extended the temporary additional tariff on goods imported from Russia and Belarus until 24 October 2023. The additional 35% tariff applies to goods that are the produce or manufacture of Russia and Belarus shipped to Australia on or after 25 April 2022.

Note that Ukrainian goods have previously been exempted from import duty for 12 months until 4 July 2022.

Infrastructure projects

The Budget has reallocated infrastructure projects, “reprofiling” $6.5bn in funding for existing projects. An additional $8.1bn over the next 10 years has been earmarked for priority projects including:


  • $85.9m for the Canberra Light Rail Stage 2A project

New South Wales

  • $1.4bn including $500m for planning, corridor acquisition and early works for the Sydney to Newcastle High Speed Rail, $268.8m for the New England Highway - Muswellbrook Bypass and $110m for the Epping Bridge

Northern Territory

  • $550m including $350m to seal the Tanami Road and Central Arnhem Road


  • $2.1bn including $866.4m for the Bruce Highway, $400.0m for the Inland Freight Route (Mungindi to Charters Towers) upgrades, $400.0m for Beef Corridors and $210.0m for the Kuranda Range Road upgrade

South Australia

  • $460m including $400m for the South Australian component of the Freight Highway Upgrade Program.


  • $78m for projects in Tasmania, including $48.0 million for the Tasmanian Roads Package


  • $2.6bn including $2.2bn for the Suburban Rail Loop East

Western Australia

  • $634.8m including $400.0 million for the Alice Springs to Halls Creek Corridor upgrade and $125m for electric bus charging infrastructure in Perth


  • $18m to establish the High Speed Rail Authority to plan, develop, coordinate, oversee and monitor the construction and operation of the high speed rail network.

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