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The only 'accountant-y' cliche about us is that we know how to get nerdy with numbers; and only when the situation calls for it. For everything else, we're just genuinely looking to create positive change with people we care about, and enjoying the journey.

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A new generation of accountants,
advisors, supporters and wingmen.

Tony Madden

Director (Group)

Troy Furness

Director (Group)

Eryan Haddon

Director (Group)

Gavin Weller

Director (Group)

Pete Tuppurainen

Director (Group)

Laura Millar

Director (Gympie)

Matt Yates

Director (Northern Rivers)

Anna Averianova

Snr Accountant (Brisbane)

Christie Jones

Snr Accountant (Mount Isa)

Taylah Minnikin

Snr Accountant (Northern Rivers)

David Robertson

Snr Accountant (Brisbane)

Vicki Schooth

Snr Accountant (Gympie)

Glenn Smith

Snr Accountant (Townsville)

Alannah Lingard

Accountant (Gympie)

Erin Smith

Accountant (Brisbane)

Sulitna White

Bookkeeper (Mount Isa)

Jack Furness

Bookkeeper (Brisbane)

Jen Perrin

HR Manager (Group)

Toni Marodi

Practice Manager (Townsville)

Brittany Morgan

Practice Manager (Northern Rivers)

Kirsten Crooke

Client Service Coordinator (Mount Isa)

Sue Dwight

Client Service Coordinator (Gympie)

Elissa Scionti

Client Service Coordinator (Northern Rivers)


Divya Raj

Client Service Coordinator (Townsville)

Jess Kitchin

Marketing Manager (Group)

Being human. That's how we do business. 

Dream Big

Dream Big

We don't settle for "good enough". We set our sights on things that inspire us, and put our standards high for ourselves, our team and our clients. We go all out and have the hunger to keep going towards our common goals.

People First

People First

The reason we exist is to make positive impacts on the people we come into contact with. That's why we'll always put human connection and considerations above all else. This goes for our team, our clients, our community and even to taking care of ourselves.

Continually evolving

Continually Evolving

We'll never stand still in our pursuit to serve our people better. This means looking for innovation in many areas - not just IT but in our clients' business models, new processes, service offering, how we collaborate and more.

Enjoy The Ride

Have Fun

As someone wise once said (it was Bill Murray) - "Life is so damn short. For f*ck's sake, just do what makes you happy." We bring this spirit to all that we do, making sure we bring fun, warmth and a positive attitude. It makes everything more rewarding, especially the relationships we build.


We're not your average workplace. 

We're a big, loving and down to earth team who are great at what we do (and we're damn proud of it!). We don't act the way most people expect accountants to behave - boring! In fact, we've got a (not so) secret rebellious streak. 

So, if you're wanting to be part of a new generation of accountants, take some big steps to become an all-star advisor, have a self-confessed kick-ass personality and are ready to rock the boat... We'd be stoked to have you!

  • Accountant (Rockhampton)

    Join Trekk Advisory on an exciting journey as we offer a unique Accountant role that goes beyond the usual. We're not just any accounting firm; we aim to revolutionize business support and drive companies to unparalleled success.


    In this role, you'll do more than crunch numbers. You'll build meaningful relationships with diverse clients, supported by our team of experts. We value leadership, respect, and trust, offering a perfect work-life balance with flexible hours and the option to work from home. Your compensation will match your skills and experience.


    As Trekk's Accountant, you'll use your financial expertise in tasks from SME compliance to financial reporting, manage a diverse client portfolio, and work with tools like Xero, Hubdoc, and Reckon. Ideal candidates will aim for or have a CA/CPA qualification, three years of accounting experience, excellent communication skills, and Permanent Residency status.


    Join us and enjoy flexible hours, a home office setup, extensive training, team events, and the potential for a 4.5-day workweek. Our full-time Monday-to-Friday role is open to discussing special arrangements during your interview.


    We value your dedication and ensure you feel appreciated daily. Your starting salary will reflect the skills and expertise you bring.


    Ready to join? Send your resume and cover letter to welcome@trekkrok.com, or visit our job listing on seek.com.au for more detail.

  • Accounting Client Manager (Townsville)
  • Accounting Client Manager (Mount Isa)
  • Accountant (Northern Rivers)

    Are you geared up to blend your accounting savvy with a dose of real, personable relationships? At Trekk Advisory Accountants, we extend beyond the routine fiscal responsibilities to craft truly significant interactions for our clientele and our team. We're scouting for an adept number guru who also relishes in the beauty of genuine connections.

    Keeping it genuine is what we're about at Trekk. We cut through the clutter, focusing squarely on providing top-tier service with an element of fun. We're earnest about our obligations, yet we always make room for a bit of levity. If a versatile role amidst a diverse client base sounds enticing, you belong here.

    We're keen on learning about you – beyond the numbers. Shoot over your resume and a short account of your work-life highlights and challenges to hello@trekk.accountants. Authentic, relatable stories are what we live for.

    Joining our team means being a part of an enthusiastic group that values forward-thinking and tangible contributions to our clients' financial success.

    Eager for a role that celebrates who you are and encourages your growth? We're eagerly awaiting your next step with us. Ready to jump in?

  • Client Services Coordinator (Brisbane)

    Have you ever thought about embarking on a career journey that feels more like joining a family of passionate professionals? That's exactly what we're offering at Trekk Advisory in Brisbane. We're on the lookout for someone extraordinary to fill the role of Client Service Administrator. Could that be you? We're not just any team; we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries and redefining what's possible in accounting and client services.

    What we're looking for is someone who's not only proactive and eager to tackle new challenges but also someone who can adapt with ease, whether it's to new processes, software, or the unexpected twists and turns life throws at us. But it's more than skills and adaptability; it's about wanting to be part of a community where your passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity can truly shine. We value those who aim to make a difference, not just in their tasks but in the lives of our clients and colleagues alike. Clear communication, leadership qualities, efficient management of a fast-paced environment, and the ability to organize strategically are all part of the parcel.

    If you're nodding along, feeling a spark of excitement at the prospect of joining a team that values authenticity, growth, and connection as much as you do, then we can't wait to hear from you. This isn't just another job opportunity; it's a chance to embark on an adventure, to grow and to make real, meaningful connections.

    So, if you're ready to start an exciting new chapter and see yourself as the next #Trekker, why not send your resume to hello@trekk.accountants? Let's explore how your unique talents can make our team even more vibrant.

Places and faces

Our amazing crew & the places we call home.

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A true partner by your side

Running a business can be really hard, but it's a lot easier when you have a true partner by your side. It makes all the difference when you have someone who is willing to go that bit further - go on-site, take the odd phone call on the weekend, chat about life outside of work.. And most importantly, help you grow a business you are proud of. 

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“Trekk Advisory turned from my tax accountant to my go-to growth partner. Now, solving any business issues is as easy as making a phone call to Trekk.”

Tas Moulis of Q Paint is Trekk Advisorys trusted client

Tas Moulis

Owner, QPaint.

Consider us an extension of your team.

Business people are do-ers; They are positively charged and aspirational. Wanting to find ways to renew, invent and go further. We see that in our clients, and in ourselves. We don't settle for 'good enough; - We go all out and have the hunger to keep going towards our common goals. So, if your ready to ramp up a level - Let's get started!