Jen Perrin

Jen's been around since 2011 and morphed into a bit of a jill-of-all-trades for our Brisbane office. Jen has a Bachelor in Business (Human Resource Management) & is a certified member of the Australian Institute of HR. Jen believes that human capital is an integral part of any business and plays a key role in providing an organisation with a competitive advantage within its industry. People and culture are her jam! Jen can empathise with small business clients that HR compliance, attracting talent, keeping staff engaged and motivated and retaining good employees is a difficult task. If she can remove the stress and anxiety around these components for her clients that’s a win! Outside of the hustle and bustle in the office, Jen is all about the slow and steady life. She enjoys settling into her hammock reading a good thriller or fantasy novel, enjoying the sound of the ocean and sand between her toes. She loves her sports and is a passionate Dragons supporter, during the week she’s off playing netball and taking her pooch Wendell (staffy x kelpie) for a stroll.

5 min read

Unpacking the Family & Domestic Violence Leave Entitlements

Let's navigate and bring some clarity about the changes in the Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave fair work amendment. There's no denying it, these changes are significant to employment and workplace relations, and understanding their impact is...

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A female entrepreneur listening to music in her bedroom after taking time off during covid-19.

7 min read

HR & COVID-19 Your rights and obligations to your team

We’re all aware of the huge disruptions and changes COVID-19 has brought both our personal, but professional lives over the last six weeks. We are...

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A female employer reviewing contracts as annualised wage arrangement changes.

2 min read

2020 Annualised wage arrangement changes - How will it affect you?

Employment relations for small businesses can be quite complex and it is difficult to keep up with frequent changes. But the cost to your business...

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A woman gives value to a dog by carrying it as part of their team culture.

3 min read

Team Culture in 2020 - What is it, why is it important?

Your teams wants, needs and values continue to transform and change as each year passes by. With so many different things impacting the way we live...

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