May 26, 2021 By Tony Madden

How to increase the profit of any business?


Time and time again we get asked - “How do I increase my profit?”, even “What is profit?” and “why is it important”. These are all important questions, because the ability to generate profit within your business is critical not only to its survival but its future growth and your success too. 

We have developed an on-demand webinar for business owners to help you:

Go from this:

  • Sick of working to the bone and it not converting to cash in the bank
  • Anxious about your financial ability to handle another shake up with COVID or natural disaster

To this:

  • Have increased profit and opportunities so your business can grow, invest, and ultimately reach your goals
  • Have a choice about what to do with your excess money (like donating it to....)

Our webinar focuses on 8 points:

  1. What is profit & strategies to increase it
  2. The 3 drivers of your revenue
  3. How to increase the number of customer visits/client projects
  4. How to increase your number of customers (& retain existing ones!)
  5. How to increase the average spend per sale
  6. How to increase the number of customer visits/client projects
  7. Your “Growth Equation” - The key to increasing your profit
  8. How to do your own Growth Equation (including demonstrations for different industries)

These learnings are part of Trekk’s 3 stages to increase your profit and future-proof your business:

  1. Understand what drives your revenue and how to increase profit
  2. Create a short or long term cashflow forecast to address your priorities/pain points
  3. Set up KPIs and accountability check ins to ensure you remain on track
Tony Madden Director & Business Advisor - Brisbane

Meet the Speaker

I’m Tony - Director and Business Advisor of our firm in Brisbane and I help our business clients at every step of their journey using our 3 stage framework.

I’ve got over 20 years in public practice working alongside growing businesses and am a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA). But I’m also a business owner myself. That’s why I can understand the struggles that you will face at each stage of your journey.

Let's work through the numbers side of your business together. I know you probably didn’t get into business to nerd out on numbers (unlike myself), but I have to break it to you - If you haven’t taken the time to understand the numbers side of your business, then your business is suffering in some way, shape or form because of this. I’ll bet any money on it!

Bonus value of our on-demand webinar

Unlimited watch access

We know you’ve probably tried a few things to make more sales (and you’ve likely picked up some great ideas along the way!) but maybe you backslide into old habits or overwhelm when you don’t see the results. All the time we see our clients struggle with this and we know it can make you feel like giving up or feel defeated. That’s why we are excited to share our expert solutions and strategies with you in an on-demand webinar you can access for free anytime with unlimited access.

Free growth equation tool

Want to know how much even a 5% increase to any of your profit drivers will increase your revenue? Need to strategise which area to focus on? Trekk's Growth Equation Tool will help you gauge the impact of these strategies on your revenue. Simply add in your numbers from last year and existing data and your estimated numbers to see your projected revenue! This comes free when you sign up to the webinar.

Free strategy call to discuss your growth equation

If you’ve signed up for the webinar it’s because you want to make some real change in your business, and you’re likely at a point of wanting to give up! So it’s so important to us that you get the value and direction that’s possible from completing the Growth Equation and setting some strategies to grow your profit. We urge you to take advantage of a free strategy session with Tony to discuss…. Anything you want! Got stuck finding the data you need? The numbers not quite adding up? Need advice on the best scenario or strategy? Or nailed your equation and eager to take the next step. Whatever it is, we’re here to help!

Book a call

The outcome of what you’ll learn

The real magic of the Growth Equation Tool and all of the teachings in the webinar is that it will give you an idea of what's possible and the beginning structure of a cash flow forecast - A vital business tool that will tell you if you have enough money coming to run the business (or expand it!).

We know what you’re thinking - how is anyone suppose to forecast in the most turbulent 24 months for small business owners in Australia? Well, we like to approach the problem from a different angle. We believe, while you won’t ever really know FOR SURE what will happen in the future, you can still build your business to a point where it can withstand sudden changes today’s business environment likes to throw at us.

Our webinar and ongoing cashflow services will help you project what is possible for revenue growth – you can then start to project or forecast what costs might increase as a result, and review and consider your overheads and other cash outgoings.

Tas worked through these steps with Tony and saw huge improvements (in more than just his cash flow!)

Following our profit strategies (which will be covered in our webinar), and using our Growth Equation Tool, Tas turned his cashflow around. But not only that, it set the foundation for business improvement in all aspects. 

About Author

Tony Madden

Tony is a director of Trekk and based in our Brisbane office. He works heavily in the advisory space for his clients, focusing on strategic management consulting, mentoring, and resource planning with a driver of making a difference in their businesses and lifestyle. Tony has key strengths in building teams and is an active listener in working to address the pain points in clients' businesses. He had a passion for small business from a young age due to being brought up with a family of business owners. He's worked with larger corporations and not-for-profits, but he's always drawn back to helping and supporting small to medium (SME) businesses. That's why he's a Director of Trekk, because supporting SME is something we are all passionate about here. Outside of work, Tony has an active family with three sons that love sports, music and socialising. He enjoys having a drink and some laughs with mates and working on restoring his old EH Holden. He’s a passionate Eels NRL and Reds Rugby supporter with a love of vintage and muscle cars, 80’s Rock and keen runner (for the mind & body), Tony also has a laugh by 'acting the goat' at any event where he can embarrass his kids.

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