John Harris


B.Bus (Accy)

John is one of our senior accountants in Brisbane. He loves assisting everyday Aussies to achieve their desired results - be it in business or with their investments. Starting his accounting career in 2013, John worked at a firm in South Brisbane as a graduate accountant. It wasn't long until he stepped into the shoes of Senior Accountant / Client Manager and then joined Trekk Advisory in 2021! 

Jumping deep into some heavy metal (or the latest Jo Rogan Experience Podcast) when tackling the next big project, you’ll find John tucked away at our office in Newmarket working on getting the best results for his clients. He has a special interest in property investors (be it long term hold or development) and is aces on the tools when preparing financials and tax returns. 

He’s pretty sure he was a fish in another life - Never missing an opportunity to get in the water - and also enjoys Taekwondo, bike riding (pedal power, of course) and fishing! In fact, his favourite family tradition is a Good Friday lunch paired with a day of fishing with his family. 

 John’s got some big things on his bucket list... A Bike ride up Alpe d’Huez. Skydiving Fox Glacier in New Zealand. A motorbike tour through Vietnam and Cambodia... Just to name a few! And he believes “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Go out and do what you are passionate about!”, which is one of his favourite quotes. 

 If you’d like to talk about your business goals, investments (or the latest season of Rick & Morty), reach out to John today!