Sarah Hooley


B. Bus

Sarah loves being in a workplace that challenges her to grow and enjoys the focus on making impacts for our clients in some way, whether big or small. Her fave quote is “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” because self-improvement is something she strives for, at work and at home.

Outside of work, she loves to cuddle up to her cat Leah whilst watching a binge-worthy TV series or movie. She’s got big plans & bucket list items including NYE in New York, Game of Thrones tour in Europe, and building a dream home (she’s already ticked off skydiving - twice - which wasn’t on the bucket list originally, but feels it deserves to be now it’s done!)

She’s irrationally exhilarated by things being neat and tidy – From her desk to TV remotes, pillows, and even her downloads folder! And loves listening to some pop-punk (Blink 182, Good Charlotte, 5SOS) to get her motivated!