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Business Bookkeeping

Utilising the leading cloud technology, we have efficient processes to make managing your day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing & bills, and lodgement obligations a breeze. Having accurate, real-time data is essential for any business who is looking to grow. That's why we have a team of pro's here to help you.

Keeping accurate records

Reasons to keep good records

Tax and super records you must keep

Why electronic bookkeeping is key

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Keeping accurate records

If you are struggling with inaccurate data, being behind or spending hours on the books, there are ways we can help to manage your day-to-day record keeping, leaving you the ability to keep your eyes on the prize.

Keeping good records also allows you to better manage your business. It allows you to make important business decisions based on up to date data, better manage your cash flow, helps with paying bills on time, and managing your tax and superannuation commitments.  

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Reasons to keep good records

Your record keeping and accounting systems are the bedrock of all your business decisions, without which your chances of success drop greatly. Ensuring you are on top of your bookkeeping and record keeping will:

  • Make it easier to complete your activity statements and prepare your annual income tax and fringe benefits tax returns. 
  • Monitor the health of your business and be able to make sound business decisions – for example, by keeping track of debtors and creditors. 
  • Help you to manage your cash flow so you can pay your bills when they fall due. 
  • Demonstrate your financial position to banks and other lenders, and also to prospective buyers of your business.

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Tax and superannuation records you must keep

You must keep records of all transactions related to your business’s tax and superannuation affairs, including records that support the information you include in your tax returns and reports- external site.

The records you need to keep depend on the tax and superannuation obligations of your business and the structure of your business (sole trader, partnership, company or trust).

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires that:

  • Your records must not be changed and must be stored in a way that restricts the information from being changed or the record damaged.
  • You need to keep most records for five years, starting from when you prepared or obtained the records, or completed the transactions (or acts they relate to), whichever is the later.
  • You need to be able to show the ATO your records if they ask for them.
  • Your records must be in English or able to be easily converted to English.
  • We recommend you check the record-keeping requirements of all organisations you deal with.

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Paper is out - Why electronic bookkeeping is key

The ATO is moving towards all electronic records. So, now may be a good time to go electronic. Some advantages of digital record keeping include:

Helps you record your business transactions, including income and expenses, payments to workers, and stock and asset details 

  • Automatically tallies amounts and provides readymade reporting 
  • Can produce invoices and provide summaries and reports for GST and income tax purposes 
  • Keeps up with the latest tax rates and tax laws, and rulings 
  • Allows you to report certain information, such as your activity statement, to us electronically 
  • requires less storage space 
  • Allows you to back up records and keep back-ups in a safe place in case of fire or theft 
  • Enables you to use your time more efficiently

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