July 18, 2023 By Troy Furness

Navigating Key Changes from 1 July 2023 with Confidence and Ease


Ready to take a quick tour through the new changes that started rolling out on July 1, 2023? Well, buckle up, and let's shortcut this together!

For the cornerstone of our economy—Employers & Businesses

  • Let's start with the good stuff—Superannuation guarantee just took a leap to 11% from 10.5%. Ka-ching! 💰

  • Duly note—the National and Award minimum wage scale has just moved up a notch.

  • To all the businesses that thrive on talents from abroad—there's an upward bump in the minimum salary you must pay to a sponsored employee. Now, it's up from $53,900 to a solid $70,000.

  • Meanwhile, our hard-working student visa holders are back to their 48-hour per fortnight work limit.

  • Got some unpaid dues from your workers? You can now stake a claim up to $100,000 through small claims court procedures instead of just the previous $20,000.

  • Here's a breath of relief for our small business stars—the Energy Bill Relief Fund is active and may apply to your bills if you meet the criteria.

  • And for everyone standing toe-to-toe with the digital age—the sharing economy reporting to the ATO for electronic distribution platforms has officially kicked off!

For the Future-Proofing Superannuation

  • Again - Superannuation guarantee just took a leap to 11% from 10.5%.

  • Here's a little more room—Indexation takes the general transfer balance cap up to $1.9 million.

  • Back to normal—the minimum pension amount for super income streams returns to default rates.

  • Got an SMSF? Time for you to switch gears! Your transfer balance event reporting will move from annual to quarterly now.

For the Home-makers and Future-raisers

  • Make note of this—The new 67 cent fixed rate method for home office deductions comes with a catch. You've got to record when you're working from home. The ATO isn't up for a 'every Wednesday, 8 hours' claim anymore.

  • Great news! Access to the first home loan guarantee extends to "friends, siblings, and other family members".

  • The Medicare low income threshold has taken a step forward for 2022-23.

  • For families with household incomes under $530,000, take note—the childcare subsidy will see a jump from July 10, 2023. You'll find all the juicy details on the Services Australia website.

  • Blessing the new parents—You can now claim up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave. Cheers to the early days of parenthood!

  • An update for the golden age—the access to age pension is now at 67 years of age.

Heads up! The 1 July 2023 Wage Increases

As they say, "failing to plan is planning to fail". With the Fair Work Commission imposing fines of up to $9,390 per breach, correctly calculating wages is your lifeline. It's not merely a mistake anymore; it's "wage theft".

On 1 July 2023, award rates of pay and the National Minimum Wage took a 5.75% upward turn. Employers, you might want to double check your payroll systems and make sure you've got the correct rates and Awards.

The National Minimum wage now stands tall and sturdy at $23.23 per hour ($882.80 per week for a full time employee working a 38-hour week).

Our robust casuals keep the wheels turning at a minimum of $29.04 per hour, with the inclination of the 25% casual loading.

For the warriors under an Award, adult minimum award wages shoot up by 5.75% from the first full pay period after 1 July 2023. Junior workers, apprentices, and supported wages see proportionate increases too.

In line with the trend, the superannuation guarantee increased from 10.5% to 11% on 1 July 2023.

For those paid on a 'total remuneration' basis—brace yourself. You might see a tiny 0.5% dip in your take home pay as a greater chunk funnels towards your super fund. But if you're paid a rate plus superannuation, then it's a smooth sail. Your take home pay remains as is, and the cherry 0.5% increase crowns your SG payments.

That's it for now, team! Keep innovating, keep supporting, and let's ride this journey together!

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