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Understanding (5)

A crippled outdated receipt.

4 min read

3 Signs You're Using Outdated Accounting Software

Accounting software expedites all the financial aspects of a small business in Australia — accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, revenue,...

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A business professional is working on tax and cryptocurrency accounts at the computer.

5 min read

Cryptocurrency and Tax Time (ABC Interview)

Is cryptocurrency tax-free? Can the government tax cryptocurrency? Can the ATO see my crypto transactions? Pete Tuppurainen, the part-owner of our...

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A staff at Trekk Northern Rivers is working on the tips on applying for round 2 of the small business adaption grant.

5 min read

COVID-19: $10,000 grant for Queensland small biz doing it tough

SUMMARY: Round 2 of Small Business Adaption Grant opens on 1 July for up to $10,000 for QLD small businesses. (Annual turnover over $75k, fewer than...

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Three casual employees due for regularisation at a pastry shop prepare the customer's order.

2 min read

When is my casual worker considered permanent?

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, a casual employee may be classified as a permanent employee – and therefore be eligible for annual leave, sick leave...

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Gavin Weller of Trekk Advisory Brisbane talks to a businessman about how to avoid tax penalties.

1 min read

Avoid tax penalties by making your Trust Distribution Resolutions

Do you have a Discretionary Trust (also known as a Family Trust)? If yes, this is important, so please keep reading! In the lead-up to 30 June 2022,...

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A female entrepreneur listening to music in her bedroom after taking time off during covid-19.

7 min read

HR & COVID-19 Your rights and obligations to your team

We’re all aware of the huge disruptions and changes COVID-19 has brought both our personal, but professional lives over the last six weeks. We are...

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A business owner in her store wears a big smile because of the Jobkeeper scheme.

14 min read

Shining a spotlight on the JobKeeper Scheme

The $130 billion JobKeeper Scheme is the biggest financial lifeline package in Australia's History. Here, we shine a spotlight on the latest...

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A globe on hand masked from coronavirus relies on the government stimulus package.

10 min read

Here’s the details on Government Stimulus Package

The total being injected into the economy is now at $189 billion (following the $17.6 billion first economic stimulus package, $90 million from the...

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A female employer reviewing contracts as annualised wage arrangement changes.

2 min read

2020 Annualised wage arrangement changes - How will it affect you?

Employment relations for small businesses can be quite complex and it is difficult to keep up with frequent changes. But the cost to your business...

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An old computer with an old business system and softwares.

6 min read

Does Your Business Systems Give You a Sad Face?

"The Apprentice" lied. Business isn't as exciting as on TV. Nobody told you about the boring stuff — the spreadsheets, the software updates. But how...

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